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How to Enjoy Offline Game Download on Your PC, Android, or iOS Device

While the original game is a zombie-themed endless runner, the sequel Into the Dead 2 contains seven chapters and 60 levels. The best part about the game is definitely its storyline: you, James, must get to your sister Helen and daughter Maggie who are struggling to survive the zombie apocalypse just as much as you are.

offline game download


We're sure you'll also enjoy upgrading your arsenal of weapons and having a variety of animal companions help you slaughter zombies. Although an offline game, Into the Dead 2 has several side stories, an endless runner mode, and regularly releases new events to compete in.

Perhaps it's the graphics and the music. Endless runners are usually frantic, but this game bucks the trend to make it a soothing, calming experience. You'll find yourself relaxing as you slide down sand dunes, jump to collect points, avoid obstacles, and perform backflips and double backflips for style bonuses.

If you're into strategy games, Kingdom Rush remains one of the best tower defense titles out there despite being a decade old. The goal here is simple: protect your kingdom from evil forces by building defensive towers, deploying troops, and using magic spells.

If you own a mobile device such as an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android (4.0.3 or newer) or windows you can take the SD Public Hunting Atlas offline with you by following the below instructions.

Ever dream of destroying the human race? Want to destroy the human race without being labeled a mass murderer? Try Plague Inc. Plague Inc. is a strategy game where you become a small microbe and get to infect people around the world. The goal is to spread quickly and kill of the humans before they notice and decide to start creating a cure.

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I got sucked into this point-and-click puzzle game so quickly. Despite the childish drawings that made me initially doubt if this was for adults, this story-based game with two different characters has an engaging plot line and interesting puzzles.

Break your pixellated character out of prison! This game has won several awards, and for good reason. Incorporating an old-school gaming aesthetic with a bit of crafting and the occasional round of whacking people over the head with makeshift weapons, this game is more complicated than it first appears.

Lumosity is an app featuring a variety of games that reportedly train your brain to become more agile in different ways. The free version of the app serves up three games from a collection each day for your brain workout. You can play each game as often as you want during the day. I love most of the games I have played so far, but my favorite by far is Train of Thought.

So, how does it work? The game features a screen with a bunch of train stations in different colors, with tracks connecting each station to a starting point. When you are ready, trains are released onto the track from the start point one by one, and the goal is to throw switches correctly and in time for each train to head into its home station.

I need to add the honorable mention of Board Game Arena, which works only online. This free platform with premium options features 100+ favorite board games digitized. You need to be online and at the time of editing, the app is still in Beta mode (and is best on a tablet/laptop). Still, I absolutely loved playing King of Tokyo and Ticket to Ride against strangers on my last train ride.

There are multiple modes for you to choose from, and all of them are inclusive of new tracks and cars that have been added to this version. If you want to play offline, you can play any 40 different tracks, with powerful and gorgeous cars to wreck every time.

Wayward Souls is one of the best roguelike RPGs that you can play offline on your iPhone. For the uninitiated, roguelike RPGs are usually difficult role-playing games involving a lot of dungeon-crawling. They are usually based on fantasy tales. Wayward Souls satisfies all the criteria!

It has multiple classes to choose from, and each class has its storyline. While the gameplay can be easy at first, it increases in difficulty and brings new challenges as you progress. The game is essentially endless, and this means that even the longest of flights will involve multiple quests to complete and get lost in.

Keeping true to the name, the characters in the game are in black, white, and shades of grey. The background is contrasting and colorful. This makes the characters stand out, and the fluid movement looks even more realistic as they fight each other.

Different ninjas have different skills, and the in-game shop allows you to equip your favorite characters with various weapons that can change their stats and the gameplay itself. The 3D environments create an atmosphere to appreciate what the developers have created.

There are different kinds of missions as well. Some are stealthy, where you have to tip-toe your way around to complete mission objectives. Others are based more on the aspects of assaults. For an offline game, Brothers in Arms 3 offers a lot of variety to hook you when trying to cut boredom on a long flight.

You can save your progress to the iCloud when you have an internet connection. Apart from all the gameplay features of a good football mobile game, the entire game comes to life with gorgeously rendered pitches and realistic movements of top players.

Even if you load the game offline, entire levels will be pre-downloaded. Since these levels are near-endless, you can progress as much as you possibly can in each level. This adds an enormous scope of replayability to the game. Its fun and addictive nature draws you in and keeps you hooked for long!

Are you a true crime fan? Do you find yourself solving mysteries in your head as you binge through multiple docuseries and episodes of true crime podcasts? If your answer is yes, Criminal Case is definitely a game that you will enjoy.

The game has licensed cars from manufacturers such as Porsche, Audi, and Bugatti. It also brings different tracks from around the world, with their specific signature weather and tracks conditions. From narrow tracks hidden in dense forests to wide highways, you can race your favorite car across different environments.

Cover Fire is a single-player shooting game that involves the use of several guns and weapons to execute enemies. Set in the forests and deserts, this offline game also has a story mode comprising 12 adventurous chapters where the player is tasked with missions to achieve various objectives using snipers, cars, helicopters, and more. Another thing to note is that players can also participate in online events that will allow them to compete against other players in sniping tournaments. Besides that, the game is continuously updated with new game modes such as Black Ops and Zombie Survival to keep the experience fresh and exciting.

As the name suggests, players get to play as an astronaut on a planet none other than Mars. Packed with hundreds of levels and decent graphics, players have to hover around the red planet and land on podiums before the fuel gets exhausted. To simply put, this is a fun little casual game that tests your precision by making the astronaut safely land on the platforms.

Asphalt Nitro is an extensive racing game but in a small package. Coming it at a size of just 46MB, this game has all the bells and whistles of the much heavier Asphalt titles such as Asphalt 8 and Asphalt Xtreme. Players get to race in beautiful and eye-pleasing terrains with decent-level graphics even on low-end mobile phones.

Stick Cricket Premier League is a game for hardcore cricket enthusiasts, or more specifically for those who show high interest in the Indian Premier League (IPL). In this game, players have to precisely time the controls and hit the incoming balls for boundaries. It may seem easy at first but as the game progresses the difficulty escalates and accordingly the balls become trickier to hit.

Another fun action-packed RPG game in this list is Shadow Fight 3. This cool fighting game lets you play as a ninja, a knight, a samurai, or any other character present in the game. Either play in a quick match or embark on an adventurous journey with the story mode, it all depends on your liking. The game also features realistic graphics to keep the players hooked.

With the city in shambles, the main goal of this game is to protect yourself from a zombie invasion. With simple point-and-shoot controls, players have to execute zombies coming their way with the help of high-tech weapons that are obtained throughout a level. Each level can last for as long as 15 minutes as the swarm of zombies keeps on increasing as you progress.

Two Dots is a minimalistic game with soothing and relaxing sound effects. The basic concept of this game is to connect two or more dots of the same colour together and gain points to complete a level. The more dots you connect in one go, the faster you will progress. The game has a total of 4,325 levels and tons of game modes to choose from.

In this extremely high pace game, you are a solar-powered jet that has to cover as much distance as possible without crashing into obstacles. To keep things interesting, there are blue rings, which increase the speed of the craft but also help you score more. Besides that, the game also features eye-pleasing visuals that change as you progress.

In this casual silhouette-style action game, players have to tackle ninjas, cross rivers, jump through trees, and even defeat bosses using a simple control layout. The levels can at times become a little tricky but that is where all the fun lies. Ninja Arashi 2 comprises a total of 80 stages spread across 4 story acts.

Hill Climb Racing 2 carries the charm and fun of the original game while bringing brand-new levels, cars, and customisation options. Players can choose and play from tons of game modes, including the popular adventure and multiplayer modes. All you have to do to complete a level is hit the accelerator paddle to move forward and control the vehicle in mid-air using the forward and backward buttons.


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