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An arrival and transition into school or care strategy.

Whatever you do, do not sneak out of a situation in which you are departing from your children.  Best parenting practices research tells us that although your child may experience an emotional outburst when transitioning from family to caregiver, the most effective way to achieve consistent regulation of emotion in young children during departure is to instill a routine for goodbye.  Conscious Discipline refers to this as an “I Love You Ritual”.  By utilizing the power of consistent routine and the 4 elements of connection you and your child will experience meaningful interactions during this vital time of your day. Here is a review of the 4 connection elements and how they can be implemented.

1)Eye Contact- Get on your child's level, making as much eye contact as possible. “Where's Suzy... Oh! There you are”.


2)Presence- Quiet your mind and be present with your child.  Nothing in the world matters, except this moment.


3)Playfulness-Engaging techniques to bring a reminder that this is a positive time of the day. “Okay, I have to go to work.  How about a fish face goodbye”.


4)Touch-If your child is open to it, a quick touch can create a lasting mental connection. “High-Five, hug, hand shake or pass”.

Please be patient with this, especially if your child is not accustomed to this practice.  Always remind your child that you will come back and that they are safe with their caregiver.

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