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                                                        Parent Strategy of the Month:

                                                      A Focus on Environmental Print


*Environmental print is any words, letters, symbols and numbers in which your student comes in contact.


*Benefits of implementing intentional language and literacy activities utilizing environmental print both in the home and classroom include the following.

     -Understanding that print has meaning.

     -Recognition of print in surroundings.

     -Comprehend that print has multiple purposes.

     -Explore print through the senses.


*Teaching Strategies GOLD/Widely Held Expectations learning objectives addressed utilizing environmental print include the following.

     -Remembers and connects experiences. 1)recognizes and recalls. 2)Makes connections.

     -Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet. 1)identifies and names letters. 2)Uses letter-sound knowledge.

     -Demonstrates physical properties of objects and materials.

     -Uses language to express thoughts and needs. 1)tells about another time or place.


*Let us know how environmental print has positively impacted your child's learning experience.

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Enviro print 2 cereal.jpg
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