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Travis is a passionate child advocate touting over 15 years of experience with families from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. Specializing in emotional regulation and behavior management, we can utilize experiences, research and critical thinking to solve any parenting challenge. Please review the brief list of qualifications and credentials.

*Bachelor's of Science, Elementary Education,Early Childhood Endorsement: Northeastern State University Tahlequah, OK

*Professional Educators License:Illinois Teaching Certification birth through 9th

*Teaching Certification: State of Oklahoma Prekindergarten through 8th

*12 years of service with Community Action Project as an instructional coach for teacher effectiveness (4years) and highly qualified lead teacher IV (8years)..

*Super Dad and co-parent to two highly advanced critical thinkers and conscious comprehending dynamo daughters. (Abigail and Lily!!).

Cindy Alumbaugh is a certified paraprofessional, Girl Scout Troop Leader, co-parent and spiritual guide revealing all things beautiful and true. You will find her spreading magical pixie-dust in various forms such as artistic food preparation, creating inspirational jewelry from recycled materials and treating every person with which she comes in contact as an equal deserved of her unwavering attention. She is also responsible for bringing this book to life with vivid color and loving kindness that is indicative of the virtues we are communicating in its contents.


Abigail Alumbaugh is co-illustrator of the original Sandy and Her Book. She is an author in her own right, musician, visual artist, cosplay costume designer and anime enthusiast. You will find her being Plus-Ultra while communicating with her spiritual sister, in cosplay with a screen stuck to her face or correcting her fellow weeb (Dad) on our favorite anime trivia. She adds an insightful perspective and frequently reminds us that we are capable of creating genuinely rewarding experiences for those around us.


Lily Alumbaugh (a.k.a. Blueberry Sparkles Muffin Flower) is a budding performer, visual artist and spreader of pixie-dust in training. She utilizes an intuitive gift in order to show empathy to fellow human beings. She is a strong spiritual guide as the youngest person in our creative group.

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