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It looks like Sandy is feeling sad.  She is holding her book, but there is something very different about it.  As you turn each page, discover an appreciation and love for literature.  Find out why Sandy is sad, scared, angry, and happy after someone came to read her book.


    "Curriculum should help            children make deeper and        fuller understanding of their         own experience"                 -Dr. Lillian Katz

Look in the back of Sandy and Her Book to find research-based read aloud strategies aligned with widely held expectations learning objectives that will enhance the shared learning experience only a good book can deliver.

Penned and illustrated by a former preschool instructional coach and highly qualified Lead Teacher IV serving the Head Start community for well over a decade, Sandy and Her Book was created as a response to parents and educators searching for available resources that increase the quality of their literacy engagement activities.



With origins rooted in successful classrooms, libraries, and homes as a literature introduction tool,  'Sandy' has been designed to correlate with social/emotional, cognitive, and language skills necessary to prepare any 15-60 month old child for their next step in development.


Enjoy the rhyming story of a young bookworm as she models emotional expression with your child, then flip to the back for age-appropriate methods of implementation nurturing high quality adult/child interactions.

 Become an early learning literacy expert (or confident in sounding like one) and give your child the consistent literary experiences they deserve!  

This double-edged educational sword is a means to guide children towards that "deeper and fuller understanding" of which Dr. Katz spoke.  

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Sandy's Strategies
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