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This cognitive awareness tip is concerning that dilemma of...problem solving!  What is age appropriate problem solving in a real world setting? The following is a sample of observation and language tips when approaching this challenging topic.

24-36+ months of ageAt this age, children are attempting to accomplish tasks independently, but understand that they may need assistance.  

What to look for while observing:  For the 2/3 year old child, watch for your  response to an obstacle.  Do they attempt to open a snack container on their own? Do they ask for help? Do they have a tantrum? Do they attempt a combination of these?

Language Modeling:  Encourage your child to accomplish the task independently.  Verbally acknowledge their efforts.  If the task is too daunting, suggest that they ask for assitance from someone in the room.  Model the language they could use. "This is difficult to open.  Could you hold one side while I tear the other".

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