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1080p .mkv NEW!

I had the same problem. I saw the solution on another site and it worked for me. The 1080p file actually played fine in windows media player, so I knew it wasn't my computer. The solution is to change the file cache to a larger value, say 2000, in vlc player. You can find the setting in tools/preferences with "all" checked in show settings. Then go to Input/Codecs, where near the bottom of the window it says advanced/file caching. Set it to 2000 and save, then restart VLC player. Voilà, it worked for me. It took me a second to find the show settings at the bottom, and then it took a little while longer to find the file caching, but once I found it, it worked perfectly. You might also want to reset VLC player, just in case you messed it up really bad, and then increase the cache value. Good Luck.

1080p .mkv

Download Zip:

When playing some of the video files (1080p, x264, mkv and mp4) - the playback stops, "buffering" progress circle appears, and after a few seconds - playback starts again saying "The source response is too slow for continuous playback" (translation might not be perfect, I get this message in my native language). The message pop-up appears to be something Chromecast generic, not a Kodi specific one.

I've been using Emby for a while and have not really had any problems up until now. A few weeks ago I noticed that the audio was distorted when playing back a 1080p MKV file and since then all of my files have an audio distortion. Regardless of what file I play there is an audio distortion and no matter what I do I cannot get rid of this problem. Video playback is superb for all files, but once again the audio is really lacking. I've tried changing the video quality, but no matter which one I choose the audio remains the same.

I am also having this issue and it's driving me insane! It does it on all videos, not just 1080p MKV's. I can also rule out Windows 10 having anything to do with it because my server is still emrunning Windows 7. Seems to have started in the past few weeks. Anyone have any other ideas??

You can gather multiple versions of the same movie together (that have different resolutions or encoding formats) and collapse them to a single item. For example, you can have 3 versions: ones suitable for a mobile phone, a tablet, and a 1080p TV. The multiple versions will be collapsed to a single item in the library. When a Plex app goes to play the collapsed item, it will automatically request and play the most suitable item by default. Many apps will also allow you to select a Play Version action, where you can choose which version to play.

Microsoft's Surface Tablet is great for you to enjoy movies, TV shows or podcast anytime as long as you want. However, things seemed not easy when you try to enjoy 1080p/720p MKV videos on your Surface RT or Pro gadget. You may meet problems such as audio and video out of sync, video without sound, or even can't be recognized and played. Then how if you want to get MKV files playable on Surface Tablet? Don't fret! Here you will find the best solution.

How to Convert MKV videos for play on Surface Tablet 1. Install and launch the video converter tool on your PC, click "Add Video" or "Add from folder" to import your source materials in .mkv format. Besides MKV, you can also load FLV, AVI, WMV, VOB, TiVo, MPG, MOV, etc. files to the program. Tips: Thanks to its batch conversion, you can also add several files to convert at one time.

VLC Player is a widely used player and encoder that supports many video and audio formats. Like other software, VLC users may experience various technical problems. One of the common technical problems you might often experience is VLC MKV playback issue: VLC stuttering or jumping when playing 1080p mkv; the audio(of MKV files) won't work at all; when open VLC, it just loads .mkv forever... Get frustrated? Don't worry. Here are 3 possible solutions to view 1080p/720p MKV with VLC flawlessly without any trouble.

DivX Plus HD, launched in 2009, is the brand name for the file type that DivX, Inc. has chosen for their high definition video format. DivX Plus HD files consist of high definition H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video with surround sound Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) audio, wrapped up in the open-standard Matroska container, identified by the .mkv file extension. DivX Plus HD files leverage and extend on Matroska's ability to support multiple language tracks, subtitles, chapters, and additional bonus content.

All DivX Plus HD certified devices bearing a DivX Plus logo will adhere to the profile outlined in the table below, as would any tools that support the DivX profiles. DivX Plus HD devices are also tested for compliance against the DivX HD 1080p profile for MPEG4/AVI certification in order to maintain backwards compatibility [6]

Currently, font files can be easily attached to .mkv files using a Matroska mux,[9] but certain problems may arise when attempting to utilize a font during playback. Usually, performance is affected because the font file can be large and take time to load for the subtitles. The DivX Plus Word Fonts extension attempts to solve this problem by optimizing the font file during the file creation stage.[10] A DivX Plus mux, like the DivXMKVMux, can examine the subtitle file, determine which characters are required from a font file, and repack the font file for attachment with only the necessary symbols, thereby reducing the font attachment size and decreasing the time it needs to load.

DivX has released a specification for a DivX Plus extension that aims to improve seeking quickly through a video file, either forward or backward. Called Smooth FF/RW, the creator of the video creates a lower resolution version of the video that is attached to the .mkv file and leveraged whenever a user instructs their player to seek fast forward or rewind.[11] When the user presses fast forward or rewind, the full resolution track is swapped out with the lower resolution version, requiring less resources; when the user presses play, the lower resolution track is instantly swapped out to the full resolution version, which is intended to solve inaccurate seeking issues or a stuttering effect during fast forward and rewind.

While you can certainly watch MKV files the usual way with a media player on your computer nowadays, you probably want to transfer MKV into iTunes on your either Mac or PC machine, so you can organized them in order or sync to an iPad/ iPhone, and enjoy on the go. But one thing that Apple iTunes is missing is support for Matroska .mkv files. iTunes is limited in terms of video formats (MP4 and QuickTime formats) it can accept, many of the formats you come across on the web such as *.avi, *.wmv, *.mpg, *.vob, *.flv, *.mkv can't be added to iTunes directly.

Cisdem Video Player for Mac, a 100% FREE 1080p video player, stands out from the rest due to its powerful supports and decent reputation. It's packed with minimalist UI and clean design, enabling you to play any video and audio files of more than 200 formats. Also, you can play 720p, 1080p, 4k, or 5k videos without bugs or artifacts.

The full HD video player itself develops advanced technology to support GPU and hardware acceleration. There is no need to install additional codecs or plugins. Every image, every action, still or moving, is delicately displayed. Plus, Cisdem best 1080p player allows you to load subtitle files automatically and imports subtitle files easily.

VLC Media Player claims it can support a wide range of formats like MKV, WMV, MPEG, MP4, MOV, AVI, DIVX, XVID, FLV, FLAC, WAV, REAL, VOB, etc. as well as DVD, CD, and VCD. Similar to Cisdem 1080p video player, VLC covers a heap of decoding and encoding libraries, ensuring you to enjoy movies without other codec or plugins installed. But the delay might happen when it plays full HD 1080p videos.

Mac Blu-ray Player comes to the fifth. It's a paid 1080p video player that can play Blu-ray menu and disc. With the development of media player, Mac Blu-ray Player also updates its functions to play full HD 1080p videos.

However, it specially design for Blu-ray movies enjoyment, so this 1080p player doesn't support 4K, MKV, FLV, MOV, 3GPP or any other formats, unless you upgrade to the Pro version (expensive) or the free version (can't play Blu ray).

5KPlayer is one of the top-rated full HD video players that plays 1080P, 4K, 360 HD videos, and DVD videos smoothly. It supports a wide array of formats, including MP3, APE, WebM, FLV, MKV, H.265/264, MTS/M2TS, VP8/9, etc. As a commercial 1080p player, it lets you download video contents from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and more.

Elmedia Player is a rich-featured 1080p player which supports most popular media file formats, such as MP4, M4V, DAT, MOV, AVI, SWF, FLAC, DivX and more. It will bring you an outstanding experience to enjoy full HD movies without interruptions and slowdowns.

RealPlayer is an impressive 1080p video player that's available on Mac, Windows, and Android. It supports to play videos, music as well as download & convert videos. For its exceptional performance and high stability, RealPlay finally earns a place on this list.

DivX develops a full HD video player for 1080p, 4k, and HEVC file playback. Its easy-to-navigate design assists you to play tons of media formats without fuss. You can import videos or folders into the built-in library. The pro version of this 1080p video player lets you import HD files from Dropbox and Google Drive. However, after you installed the software, it will be packed with many add-ons like DivX Converter, DivX Preferences.

KMPlayer, also known as KMP or K-Multimedia Player, is a nice full HD video player for Mac and Windows. It can play 1080p VCD, DVD, MKV, MPEG-1/2/4, MOV, AVI, etc. files. This best 1080p video player covers some customizable options, such as color balance, screen rotate, volume, etc. Since it originated in Korea, it lacks English user guides or help documents as well as the professional web representation. But KMPlayer delivers 12 interface languages, including Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, etc. 041b061a72


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