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Avtech Dvr Software Download H 264 43

NUUO DVR is a PC-based analog recording system that supports analog cameras. The H.264 hardware compression cards can increase the CPU efficiency while the Mpeg4 software compression cards will fit nicely into a wide array of projects. Both NTSC and PAL standards are compatible with any NUUO DVR. Main Console 3.5.10 is officially released to support HD-SDI cameras. NUUO DVR can be upgraded into a NDVR hybrid system by adding IP camera license onto it. It is a simple one-step process for any DVR owners who are ready to leap into the IP world. Multisite projects or large scale single site projects are both easily accommodated by NUUO DVR/NDVR solutions through the addition of NUUO CMS. NUUO CMS can manage an unlimited number of NUUO servers and cameras including DVR and NDVR hybrid. (IP camera licenses sold separately)

Avtech Dvr Software Download H 264 43



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