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Michael Adams

Windows 8 X64 RTM N Lite By Nil

Honestly, it sounds like you didn't do your due diligence before making such an expensive purchase. If you had a response of "I don't know" about whether an apparently critical piece of software would work, that sounds like further research is necessary. During your demo would have been the appropriate time to actually *try installing windows* (or linux or whatever you're depending on).

Windows 8 X64 RTM N Lite By Nil


Historically, Cordova iOS has not supported the creation of new webview windows with APIs like or links with target="_blank". The default behaviour was inconsistent, with some links opening externally in Safari and some links being unclickable. There is now an AllowNewWindows preference in config.xml to control the behaviour of new windows within the application.

As usual, this new version will be added as the default cordova-windows version for cordova platform add windows only with the next release of Cordova CLI. Until then, please use these commands to remove and re-add the windows platform:

As Microsoft recently ended mainstream support for all Windows 8.1 variants, total market share recedes below 6% and Visual Studio 2017 doesn't support 8.1 development anymore, we don't expect any future changes that would require updates to cordova-windows' 8.1 support. Same for Windows 10 Mobile, which is not under active development by Microsoft anymore and will not receive any other updates than security fixes.

Because of that, we decided to deprecate all "mobile" and "phone" build targets of cordova-windows. In the near future, we will release a 7.0.0 version that will remove support for those platform variants and focus on Windows 10 UWP - which will greatly reduce complexity and simplify future maintenance.cordova-windows 6.0.0 with support for these platforms, of course, will stay available and receive bugfixes if necessary (Similar to how cordova-windows@4 was the last version to support Windows 8.0).

Finally, user-configurable packaging parameters are now fully baked, so that Windows code signing requirements don't overwrite code signing requirements for other platforms. Use the windows-packageVersion attribute of in config.xml to specify an independent version for Windows Store submission, and to incorporate the name of the application which is assigned by the Windows Store, set the named WindowsStoreIdentityName.

However, to ensure that you can continue building your existing Cordova projects for Windows till then, please replace the expired certificate located at yourCordovaProject\platforms\windows\CordovaApp_TemporaryKey.pfx with a new one from here. Ensure that the downloaded file is renamed to CordovaApp_TemporaryKey.pfx


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