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Tka 100 Full Zip Fleece Jacket [NEW]

Simple and effective, this do-it-all fleece comes with a lifetime warranty from The North Face. You might expect versatility and reliability to cost a pretty penny, but The North Face TKA 100 Glacier is reasonably priced and often on sale.

tka 100 full zip fleece jacket

Fleece material is typically synthetic (a type of polyester) that is warm yet lightweight. It is also usually moisture-wicking because it allows moisture to evaporate better than most heavy jackets. There are several types of fleece available including microfleece which is popular for performance outerwear and polar fleece which tends to be thicker and is a popular choice for blankets and jackets.

Sherpa is also another type of fleece which refers mainly to the pile of the material. Polar fleece is typically a medium pile material. Microfleece or technical fleeces are low pile. Sherpa is synonymous with high pile fleece, resembling the fuzzy nap of sheepskin. High pile is sought out for its unique look and the soft feel but it tends to be heavier.

At The North Face, our men's fleece includes jackets, pullovers, and vests designed to offer lightweight warmth in cold conditions. We offer polar fleece and high pile as well as low pile styles in our FUTUREFLEECE technical fleece collection.

Fleece jackets and vests for men are a great choice in cold temperatures because you can layer them over long-sleeve shirts or under larger jackets. The material does have some hydrophobic properties which means it can handle some dampness and dries quickly. However, it is not truly waterproof. Once fleece is soaking wet, it no longer provides insulation for warmth. Because of this, it may not be the best choice in heavy rain or snow.

Regarding style itself, a fleece pullover can be a stylish step up from a basic men's hoodie. Hoodies tend to be more casual while a fleece can look more like a sweater even when paired with casual pants or jeans. With a wide range of colors available, you're sure to find something to fit your style in our selection.

The North Face TKA 100 Stripe Masonic Full-Zip is an ultra-convenient way to stay warm any time of year. Thermal Pro fleece fabric is 11% lighter than normal fleece, but also 7% warmer. That means that you need less fabric (and less bulk) to stay cozy. With a cute feminine fit, and a full zip up the front, it's easy to layer the Stripe Masonic under a jacket or over regular clothes.

Are you looking to upgrade your layering system without shelling out an entire paycheck? A simple budget fleece jacket is an incredibly versatile option that can add a ton of warmth and comfort to your wardrobe. After researching the most popular and best-performing budget fleece jackets on the market today, we purchased the top 10 to use and compare for ourselves. We took each model out into the field, where we could discern where each excelled and where each one was lacking. We accounted for warmth, comfort, fit, how well they layered, breathability, and ease of movement. Whether you need a warm layer to wear to your cold office or something for your next backpacking trip, our review can help you decide which fleece makes the most sense for you.

The North Face makes gear ranging from fashion-forward streetwear to technical pieces designed for the world's most extreme environments. TKA Glacier Zip lands somewhere in the middle, threading the line between streetwear and a performance piece. A lightweight and slim-fitting fleece, this jacket is the ideal mid-layer in a classic three-piece layering system. Worn over a t-shirt, it's great for cool mornings or cold-weather athletics. When things start to get seriously cold or wet, it has no problem fitting under an insulating or rain layer. The fabric is soft on the skin and stretchy enough to move with your body, whether you're hiking, biking, or even rock climbing. The thinness of the material makes it one of the more breathable fleeces we tested and a great performer for higher-intensity activities.

One of the few downsides was the lack of pockets. It is also a fairly lightweight budget fleece jacket. If you're looking for a standalone jacket to wear on the coldest days, you might want to go with a heavier-weight option. The TKA Glacier performed quite well across all of our metrics and is an ideal piece for folks on the hunt for a breathable and lightweight fleece that they can use on their morning pre-dawn jog or take into the backcountry as part of their mountain-ready layering system.

The Amazon Essentials Men's Full Zip Polar Fleece Jacket was designed with one thing in mind: function. While it's not the flyest looking fleece out there, this piece is warm and comfortable. It's constructed of a stretchy material that offers wearers a mostly uninhibited range of motion. This fleece sports a classic fit; not too tight, but not at all baggy. There is room to layer underneath, and you can still layer overtop without feeling like a marshmallow. This piece is ideal for hiking, camping, or any outdoor activity where you want some extra warmth.

The breathability of this piece fell squarely in the middle of our test group; not horrible, but not exceptional. While not overwhelmingly great at any one thing, this jacket is a good choice for someone looking for a decent all-arounder offered at a great price point.

The days of hitting the gym in oversized cotton hoodies are gone. The Under Armour Double Threat Hoodie is a modern upgrade to the classic workout hoodie. Whether warming up in a cold gym or heading outside for a brisk run, this pullover fleece is ready to move with you. It's incredibly stretchy and offers a great range of motion. The fit is relaxed but not so baggy that it's annoying while exercising. The fabric is the most breathable of all the fleeces we tested, making it a standout for athletics.

The Double Threat is a casual-looking and fitting fleece. It's best suited for exercise and may look out of place in the office. While we loved it for working out, it's not the warmest model when you're stationary, and thus isn't suitable for truly cold weather. This fleece is ideal for people looking for cold-weather workout wear or a relaxed fitting and casual hoodie for temperate weather.

Warm, lightweight, and suitable for many types of occasions, the Columbia Steens Mountain Full Zip 2.0 is incredibly versatile. This classic-fitting jacket can fill many roles. It's warm enough to be worn on its own in cool weather and thin enough to be easily layered. Incredibly soft on the inside and out, it's stretchy and didn't limit our tester's range of motion.

The arms are on the long side, but the elastic wrist cuffs kept them from sliding down and covering our hands. While this kept the sleeves from impeding function, it left the arms looking bunchy and a bit sloppy. The only other issue we had was with this jacket's breathability. It wasn't the best at wicking moisture during sustained athletic pursuits. The highly versatile Columbia Steens is perfect for cold weather hiking or even paired with some chinos, ready to head into the office.

The Gordon Lyons Zip is another relatively affordable fleece offered by The North Face. This model is both a thicker and warmer option than the TKA Glacier Zip. The inside of the jacket is brushed, meaning it has a fuzzy texture, making the interior much softer to the touch than the outer layer, despite being made from the same material. The thick material made this fleece one of the warmest of any of the jackets in our testing group. With an athletic fit bordering on the slim side, it offers a good blend of outdoorsy and street style, making it appropriate for everything from weekend camping trips to wearing out for drinks.

The thickness of the material does compromise some range of motion, and our testers noted that they felt some tightness in the shoulders. The biggest drawback to this fleece is the pronounced seams running down both sides of the arms. The seams are thick, a little scratchy, and fairly noticeable when bending your arms. Given the fit, weight, and lack of give in the material, it can feel awkward to layer over or underneath this jacket. This budget fleece jacket is stylish, warm, and ideal for someone looking for a midweight option that is warm enough to use as a standalone piece.

The Amazon Essentials Sherpa Fleece Full-Zip is the epitome of comfort. This fleece wears more like a fuzzy blanket than a jacket. With a brushed exterior and an incredibly soft and smooth interior, this fleece was by far the coziest piece we tested. It was comfortable and quite warm, with a satisfying weight to it. The material was also surprisingly stretchy despite its bulkiness.

While it is supremely comfy, the Amazon Essentials Sherpa Fleece is heavy, bulky, and has poor breathability, which means it isn't the best choice for layering or bringing it into the backcountry. This fleece is best suited for people looking to prioritize warmth and comfort over athletic capabilities.

While fleeces often look a little frumpy, the Eddie Bauer Radiator Zip is anything but. Sporting a flattering and slim fit, this fleece has an upscale look to it. The fit leaves enough room for a t-shirt or a light base layer underneath but not much else. The slim fit does make it very easy to layer another jacket over top. It boasts decent breathability, making it a good choice for hiking or outdoor wear, especially as part of a layering system.

While not uncomfortable by any means, the inner fleece isn't as soft as many of the other options, and the more tailored fit made the shoulders a little restrictive for serious overhead activity. This jacket is a perfect choice for those who need a fleece that looks good enough to wear to work but performs well enough to hit the trails.

The material wasn't the softest by fleece standards, but it wasn't uncomfortable. If you're looking for a standalone fleece that will keep you warm when the temps really start dropping, this model may be too lightweight. With an athletic fit and an excellent range of motion, this fleece is a good pick for someone seeking lightweight warmth that won't slow them down. 350c69d7ab


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