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[S2E11] Hot Spot

Michael and Fiona have Chinese Food back at his loft while they review the surveillance footage. Fiona tries to break the tension, but Michael is not having any of it. She is concerned that Michael is turning into a soulless errand boy, but he reminds her he is trying to slip away from her. Michael spots the bomber on the surveillance video carrying a collapsible ladder and wearing a worker outfit passing a camera twice in ninety minutes the day of the bombings. He saves the image so they can begin identifying the bomber.

[S2E11] Hot Spot

Corey shows Michael and Fiona J's Lounge, Felix's nightclub, where Felix operates his business from. Felix is a car thief and his crew boosts cars for the 24K Crew. He drives a red Pontiac GTO as his personal car. Since his fight, the 24K Crew has been hunting Corey all over Miami. A big man in a suit, Tony Soto, is Felix's boss, who they spot for future references. Felix is supported by Tony for as long as he is able to boost cars and make money for him. Corey is afraid that Michael and Fiona may not be able to help, but Fiona assures him they will.

Johnny and Fiona drive Tony and his bodyguard to the industrial alley in Corey's car. Tony expected Johnny to drive him in a nicer car, but Johnny and Fiona reply that they do not like to attract attention. Tony commends them for being careful and crazy. He assures the two he will take care of Felix after checking out the operation. On the road, Felix spots Corey's car and tails him to the alley. After reaching the alley, Felix pulls up behind them and opens fire. Tony was unaware that Felix would try to assassinate them, but the armor plating holds up and Johnny makes the fast getaway from the alley.

During the trip to a secluded spot where they can dump Corey's car, Fiona calls Sam to pick them up. Tony has made arrangements to be picked up by his men. When Tony was amazed as to how they survived the attack, Johnny told them they armored the car out of necessity against elements like Felix. The gang lets Tony know they're leaving Miami for a while until Tony sorts out his business with Felix. Tony assures them that Felix will be dealt with before Johnny and Fiona get picked up by Sam in Michael's Dodge Charger.

Foster says that crossed arms are defensive. Could be, but it could also be because the person is cold, feeling insecure, or stretching. Another hotspot. When a student challenges her, Foster says that one such hotspot is not sufficient but many show lying; probably, but not necessarily. It would certainly take more than the two shown here to convince me. I sympathized with the students who questioned whether Lightman remembered what he wrote in his book (my book, Telling Lies); I often get that impression.

Cartman - having snuck out of the planetarium just before the brainwashing - sings the Cheesy Poofs song and gets selected for the audition; he advances further after cheating and browbeating his way past the other contestants, including one who is poor and in need of food. Cartman bursts into the classroom to tell his friends that he was selected to sing on the commercial, only to be confronted by Kyle as he creates an on-the-spot Haiku poem (which the children were studying at the time) about Cartman's chances. Kyle says "I bet you don't win, they don't let big fat asses, perform on TV" in perfect Haiku form, to which Mr. Garrison exclaims "Very good, Kyle!"; Cartman tries to retort in Haiku form, but fails. After the other audition finalists "unexpectedly" go to work at the planetarium, the judges reluctantly select Cartman to sing the Cheesy Poofs song on television. Despite numerous takes and interruptions and being edited to only say the last word in the song, Cartman is ecstatic after seeing himself on television.

  • In the Burn Notice plot, Michael is investigating who blew up his loft and trying to keep Carla one step behind him. They find a name and a house and Fi goes to investigate. She triggers a fire trap and when Michael goes to find Fi the house is in ruins. When he gets back to the loft Fi is revealed to be alive but her phone was destroyed. Relieved Fi is alive, Michael kisses her.Tropes Badass Army: Invoked by Team Westen as Johnny and his crew. Discussed in the spy note:There's a reason armies wear uniforms, even though they make them easier to spot. Sometimes, that's what you want. Uniforms suggest organization, power, and numbers. These, in turn, inspire fear. And any good operative knows, there's no more effective weapon than fear.

  • Badass in a Nice Suit: Michael's cover as Johnny.

  • Batman Gambit: How Team Westen finally gets rid of Felix; they drive Tony Soto, Felix's boss, to where he is planning to kill Corey, claiming it's where their operation is, so that Felix unwittingly takes a shot at his own boss. This causes Felix to go on the run.

  • Big Brother Instinct: The whole reason Corey has Felix after him:Fiona: It seems this "man" - (To Corey and Tanya) Felix? (They nod) - he took Tanya for a ride in his car. (Gains a slight edge in her voice) And then he...attacked her. And she escaped, barely. (With a hint of pride) And then Corey went after him with a baseball bat.Corey: I found her crying in the street. I just wanted to make sure he never tried to come back-Fiona: No explanation necessary. Use a golf club next time; greater force to a smaller area.(Michael and Corey each give her an Aside Glance) Noticeable is that when they first meet the two siblings Corey has an arm comfortingly around his little sister, especially while Fiona explains what's going on.

  • Big Eater: Corey while helping Maddie clear out her cabinet.

  • Break the Cutie: Poor Tanya. The incident with Felix clearly left her traumatized at least in the beginning. When they first meet Team Westen, she doesn't speak except to greet Michael, and she has her head down and leaning against Corey for support, with him giving her a one-armed hug, while Fiona explains what happened to her. She seems to get better at the end of the episode.

  • Call-Back: Maddie points out that she would never see Michael if he didn't bring his clients over, just like she did in an earlier episode to Virgil.

  • Irony: Michael pointing out that the "friends" that got Nate out of jail are the same ones that put him in jail in the first place. Lampshaded by Madeline"Sometimes I forget how complicated your life is."

  • No, Except Yes:Coach Martin: Sam. You're asking me to hide?Sam: Hide? Oh, no. No, of course not. I just need you to be someplace where no one can see you.

  • "Not So Different" Remark: Madeline points out that Michael once got into a fight to protect Nate from their father, just like how Corey protected his sister from Felix.Corey: He fought his dad on - on Christmas?Madeline: He was being a good big brother. Like you.

The Doctor, in the meantime, has traced residual energy to the spot Dale vanished. Putting his hand over the spot, he notes it 'tickles". Tom's father exits the house, hostilely demanding the Doctor explain himself, drawing a crowd and Rose. The Doctor yells for silence and pulls out the Psychic Paper, introducing himself and Rose as inspectors. After learning from Maeve about an unknown entity at work, the Doctor and Rose investigate.

The Doctor returns to the TARDIS and locates the Isolus pod in the Close. However, a frantic Chloe draws the TARDIS and the Doctor, trapping them both in one of her sketches and forcing Rose to try to find the pod herself. She rationalises that the pod is located in the hottest spot on the street - the pothole that Kel has not long filled up with hot tar. She takes a pickaxe from Kel's council van, and, much to Kel's protestations, digs the pod out of the tar.

Catherine drops by the hospital to pick up Bob's property. There, she meets Claudia Gideon, Bob's personal secretary. When asked about the incident three years ago where Bob accidentally shot himself, Claudia says she was conveniently out sick that day. During the conversation, Catherine spots dandruff on Claudia's shoulder and tape lifts it as evidence. The DNA markers from the dandruff cells are a match to the dandruff from the elevator.

Hugh briefly appears in the latter half of the novel, when Claire spots him casing the estate of the Duke of Sandringham, where she has been taken by the British to be questioned about Jamie. After seeing her escorted into the estate, he climbs a tree in order to see into the study on the second floor, where the Duke is questioning Claire. Hugh gestures to Claire that he is going to find Jamie and tell him where she is, but Claire later witnesses him being captured by the groundskeepers. She is later told by Mary Hawkins that Hugh was hanged upon being discovered.

Travis, Vic, Maya, and Andy are looking for a bar. Vic is upset and needs a drink. Maya notices Andy playing with the letter. She says there's something about it she can't shake. Vic finally finds the bar and she and Travis go inside. Maya tries to talk to Andy about Jack, but Andy thinks she wants her to put the letter away. She tells Maya she wrote about Ryan, which she thinks is weird. Maya then spots Ryan with a woman. Andy wonders if Ryan is supposed to be one of her constants. Ryan walks up to them and introduces Andy to Jenna Matson as his friend. 041b061a72


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